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“Chappie.” A Spiritual Perspective of the Movie.

Saw the movie “Chappie,” tonight. It is an adult version of the old movie, “Short Circuit.” If you like violent action movies, and can overlook a lot of foul language, it is pretty good – but has a strong New … Continue reading

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Robin Williams and Depressive Disorders

Robin Williams, a famous actor and comedian, struggled with severe depressive disorder most of his life. The other day, the depression won, and he committed suicide. Most people have enough compassion, or at least enough humanity, that they offer condolences, … Continue reading

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Quit Messing with Israel

Whenever America tries to strike a peace deal between Israel and “Palestine” that involves Israel giving up land, America is hit with natural disasters. Check out the article linked here to see.¬†http://www.jewsnews.co.il/2014/01/14/does-disaster-strike-america-when-it-pressures-israel-this-link-will-shock-you/

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My view on homosexuality

I recently saw this posted on Facebook. It perfectly explains my viewpoint.

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Demonic Influences in the Church!

Check out this video by Andrew Strorm. He exposes the truth about some of the popular movements within the modern church. Everyone who calls themselves a Christian should watch this video. It is only about 1/2 an hour, and well … Continue reading

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