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Bible Study Tool: Point 3

Next, we will look at the third point of the 10-point Bible Study Tool, the building of faith. One thing you will notice as you look at these 10 points is that they intertwine. In other words, each application often … Continue reading

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Bible Study Tool: Point 1. For Believing

I recently presented a helpful study tool, the Bible Study Tool: 10 Points for More Productive Study. In it, I listed ten things to look for when studying to help you understand the message, or seed, of God. The first … Continue reading

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Bible Study Tool: 10 Points for More Productive Study

When setting out to study the Bible, it is a good idea to have a few Bible study tools. These can greatly aid us in understanding Scripture. There are many different kinds of tools available, from Bible dictionaries to commentaries … Continue reading

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Face to Face with God

I just read something that really brings a couple of Christ’s saying on the cross to ┬álife. This is excerpted from the book:┬áThe Shepherd’s Guide to the Great Tribulation, by Randy Orris. This is an excellent book on the second … Continue reading

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What is the Prewrath Rapture?

One of the most debated doctrines in the church today is the timing of the rapture in relation to the coming reign of the Antichrist. Post-tribulationists say we will remain on earth through the entire tribulation period, while pre-tribs would … Continue reading

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