The Rainbow Flag

Someone commented on a Facebook post related to the rainbow flag: “People offended by Gay Rights deserve to be offended, they are the kinds of Pharisees Jesus spoke against.”

Here was my reply:

What you fail to understand is that this is NOT about the right
to marry for tax purposes and other civil matters related to marriage. Some think it is about this, but it is not. If they were happy with just a civil union for tax and legal purposes, while I would still call it sin I would not be so strongly against it. They will not settle for that. They want marriage for their agenda.

This is merely a stepping stone in the gay agenda. The next step is to force churches to marry gays even when it is against our beliefs. Just saw a news article. The ink has hardly dried on the paper of the ruling, and some gays have already filed suit. And in states that already had gay marriage, there have been several such suits.

In conjunction with that, they will seek to muzzle Bible-believing Christians so that we cannot preach or teach against homosexuality. Some countries that are further along in the gay agenda have already put such laws on the books.

It is about infiltrating the church by force, those who would not be infiltrated by stealth such as those that now approve of homosexuality.

This is pictured in the story of Lot. Jesus said it will be like the days of Lot when He returns. What happened is that some angels came to Sodom to visit Lot. The town folk saw these handsome guys (as they thought them to be), and went over to Lot’s to try to get them to join with them in their homosexual orgies. Lot tried to dissuade them. They were having none of it, and tried to force their way into Lot’s home. Even when the angels struck them blind they kept coming. So the angels delivered Lot and his family from Sodom, and rained fire on Sodom that same day.

This is something of a prophetic picture. We know this, because Jesus told us that in a prophetic passage of His coming. Thus, the homosexuals forcing their way into the church is a major sign of the nearness of the coming of Christ.
But we are still called to spiritual battle, and we are still called to take a stand against the sin (along with all other sin).

The rainbow was a sign of remembrance of God’s wrath when He destroyed the earth because of sin. Among those sins are included pursuing strange flesh (homosexuality, beastiality, perhaps relations with fallen angels). It was also a sign of his promise not to destroy the earth with water again.

When the homosexual agenda took the rainbow as their symbol, they did it to mock God. They were slapping God in the face. God is offended, and will bring wrath in His time, if they do not repent. He will bring judgment on America in His time because much of America has approved of their agenda.

So, yes, I admit … I also AM OFFENDED at the rainbow flag. Any true believer should be.

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6 Responses to The Rainbow Flag

  1. ollie says:

    If you truly believe in God, why can’t you believe in love? God would want all of his children to get along and love each other irrevocably. There is no gay agenda. They just want to be as happy and as equal as everyone else.


    • I don’t merely believe in God, but in the God of the Bible. He makes it quite clear that to practice homosexuality is a sin – along with many other things that too many people accept as being okay. Because of sin, God must judge mankind. Because of sin, Jesus had to die on the cross to make a way for God to forgive us. But sin is STILL SIN, and even the true Believer will still be held accountable if they continue in sin.

      God is love, that is true. But God is also absolutely holy, absolutely just, and never changes. We humans tend to try to anthropomorphize God (that is, make Him like man). We feel something, perhaps an ungodly attraction to the same sex or a child or even to chase around the opposite sex, and we want to think that it is okay to act on that … that God made us that way. In truth, it was the sin nature that made us that way. And the same holds for anything that is sin, not just sexual sins.

      I harbor no hatred for homosexuals, have even had friends in the past with that sin. But it is still SIN.

      And yes, many of the leaders (and even followers) DO have an agenda … though they are often blind to the fact. They want the church to accept their lifestyle rather than stand for the righteousness of God. The homosexual may not have chosen to be same sex attracted, but they can choose to not act on it. The pedophile, likewise, did not choose their attraction, but with God’s help they can choose to deny that perversion. Same holds for kleptomania, gluttony, anger, hatred, etc, etc. God calls on all men, everywhere, to repent, to turn away from their sin and toward righteousness. This is true not only of the sexually immoral, but also of every other sinful inclination.

      And yes, the homosexual activists specifically chose the rainbow in defiance of God. One of the reasons God destroyed the earth in the flood is because of rampant sexual immorality and perversion (and also widespread violence and murder). And the rainbow is the symbol of God’s promise to not destroy the earth with a flood, again … But it is also a reminder to us that He is the Judge, and He did destroy the earth for immorality … and He is still the Judge. The ones who chose the rainbow flag to symbolize the homosexual cause knew this … that is why they chose it. Forget what they claim the colors symbolize; that is just window dressing to the truth. Jesus accused the Pharisees of being whitewashed sepulchers full of death, and that is exactly what the “meaning of the colors” is, whitewash hiding the death and rottenness within.


      • ollie says:

        If sinners must be held accountable, then why shouldn’t God, for all of the death and destruction of the innocent that he caused?


        • And how would you define “innocent?” The entire reason death exists in the world is because all mankind, by their nature, are sinners. This life is temporary, and He has provided the means of salvation for eternity to those who are willing to receive it. He also speaks the the conscience of those who do not have the law of God or the knowledge of Him. But the majority do not really listen.

          What do I mean by that. Romans says that there are those who do not have the law, but by nature do the things contained in the law, who are a law unto themselves. There are those who do not have God’s law, but obey it with a good conscience, who I believe God will save. But most people do not do this. Most people will lie when it is convenient, even though they know it is wrong and hate when they are lied to. Many, if not most, will engage in sexual immorality of some kind, knowing inside that they really shouldn’t. And so on. So in that sense, there really are not many who could be called “innocent” by God’s standards.

          Then there are the children, who are too young to know right from wrong simply because of their mental age … and likewise the mentally handicapped. If they die, I believe that they go to heaven because they are not mentally capable of really understanding – about as close to innocent as person can get.

          Further, all this “death and destruction” is part of God’s judgment on mankind. Because Adam and Eve sinned, death entered the world. and every living thing is now subject to eventual death. Whether “innocent” or evil, whether saved by Christ or unsaved, all are still subject to physical death as a by-product of the original sin. Whether it is death by the evil inclinations of some men, or death by natural disasters, it is all as a result of God’s judgment of sinful mankind.

          Perhaps you would argue that God could stop people from sinning and committing evil, if He wanted to, if He were really almighty, as we claim. And yes, He could. But He did not desire to create a bunch of robots who have no choice but to do as they were pre-programmed to do, to worship and do His will because they cannot do any other thing. He wanted a people who would CHOOSE to worship Him and trust and obey Him freely.

          Adam and Eve would never have sinned – it would never have even crossed their minds – except God gave them a single law, and put a serpent in the garden to test whether they would obey. They were created truly innocent and holy. They were perfect when they were created. They would never have eaten from the forbidden tree on their own initiative, because it would never occur to them. God placed the serpent in the Garden to put the possibility in their heads – but they could have chosen to obey God. But they didn’t.

          And because of that, they opened the door to all mankind having a tendency to at least sometimes disobey what they know is right and good, to disobey God.

          Our worship and obedience would be absolutely meaningless to God, if we had no genuine choice in the matter. We would simply be a bunch of robot servants, rather than persons. And THAT is why God allows evil to exist in the world for this present age, why there is “death and destruction” on every hand from evil men, from war, and from natural disaster.


  2. Paul Lindsey says:

    Good post.
    This country will be judged by fired as was Sodom and Gomorrah. There will not be a quenching of the fires of God’s judgement upon a country that has been given such Light as America.
    God’s people are to blame….we compromised for years and denied the truth. When there is a denial of truth….perversion becomes the norm.
    We are now a country steeped in perversion. Good is evil and evil is good. Men desire the lusts of there hearts and Romans 1 has been fulfilled in our day.
    God have mercy on us.


  3. yes all that is said is true. we can only sit back and watch as they fall. the gay people are attacking the churches and here in SOUTH AFRICA they are targeting the NG church. a company had to close down as they did not to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. the whole world is swinging to this filth, let the wrath of our GRACIOUS GOD go its direction. we can only pray for them to repent. but unfortunately they will not. all the GLORY to our GOD the HOLY one.AMEN


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