The Original Undercover Boss


In America, we have a television series called Undercover Boss. In this series, the CEO or a high ranking executive of a large company puts on a disguise and goes to work at one of the locations as a new hireling. This is, in part, to see what the job is like for the average worker from the inside so the company can make improvements.


This is not an original idea. In fact, it was God’s idea first!

Sometimes we get the idea that God is so lofty and so far above us that He cannot understand what it is like to be a human. We view Him as being distant from us, rather than as someone we can have a relationship with.

The fact of the matter is that He understands what it means to live in this world as a human. Jesus was and is the incarnation of God in the flesh. He became fully man apart from sin.

Colossians says that all of creation was created by Jesus and for Jesus. He is the CEO and owner of all that exists. He chose to come to earth undercover, to come as one of us. He did not come the first time as King of kings, but as a servant of God. He came from the throne room in heaven to live life as an average carpenter’s son, then enter into ministry as a Rabbi, a teacher.

Most of those who saw Him did not realize who He was. For that matter, even those who did know He was the Christ, the Son of God, did not really comprehend the significance of this until after the resurrection.

Jesus is our High Priest. Hebrews says that He can understand our weaknesses, because He was one of us.

Now it is true that He never sinned, and never felt the temptation to commit sin. Being God, He is incapable of sin. But He was still tempted/tested in other ways.

For example, when the time came for the passion story to be played out, one of the disciples rebuked Him when He said it was going to happen. Jesus replied that He could, at that moment, call for a legion of angels to come deliver Him – and as God, He had full authority to do just that, and He would have been just to do so, and it would have been perfectly okay for Him to do it. But He chose, instead, to stick with the plan and die for our sins. In the Garden of Gethsemane, He prayed to the Father that if it were possible, this cup would pass from Him. In other words, He was tempted. But, in the end, He stuck with the plan.

Our Undercover Boss knows what it is like in the trenches. He knows what it means to live for God in a world gone to hell. He knows it is a challenge, but He also knows that believers can meet the challenge by finding strength in Him. Be of good cheer, for He has already overcome the world.


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