The “Son of God” Movie Is NOT What We Think–Do You Know The Voice of Your Master

A great article, and a must read for any Christian who has seen or is considering seeing the movie “Son of God.”

The Last Hiker

Last year the History Channel featured the epic television event, “The Bible Series,” which was produced by Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett. This show captivated audiences and became the talk of many churches. Churches even purchased pre-written sermons to go along with the show, which according to made it into 180,000 churches.

Roma and Mark were endlessly interviewed in Christian magazines, and on Christian radio. All along saying that they were sold out Christians and believers filled with the Holy Spirit.

And the churches bought it.

They promoted it.

And yet, as I watched “The Bible Series,” I personally became furious at how much they twisted the word of God. Not just omitting things for the sake of time–but changing the theme, the message, and the nature of Bible characters, and the nature of God Himself.

That is inexcusable.

God will judge that.

I was furious.


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2 Responses to The “Son of God” Movie Is NOT What We Think–Do You Know The Voice of Your Master

  1. Rob Barkman says:

    Thanks for posting this alternate view of the movie. I personally have not seen it, nor do I intend on paying to see it. I will probably watch it when it comes on free TV. I’ll be curious to see how it comes across to me. I have heard some people who have seen it think it is great, others have the opinion cited in this posting.

    For the most part, I am against putting any Bible stories on film… I have yet to see one that remains perfectly faithful to the Word… there is always additions and changes to the Bible account and the justification is to “enhance the entertainment value” of the film. I guess what we all forget is that the Bible was never meant to “entertain” anyone. It was meant to reveal the True God and Savior Jesus Christ. Enough said.

    Lord bless you. Thanks again for the posting.


    • I don’t plan on watching this version even when it is free on tv. I do like some of the tv/movie versions of Bible stories. In some of the movies, the added material does not take away from the truth of God’s Word or twist it to mean something entirely different. Thanks for your reply.


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