Book Review

I have read this book, and agree completely with the reviewer’s comments. A very good book, and one I would not hesitate to recommend.

All Along the Watchtower

The topic of today’s post is Antichrist before the Day of the Lord, a book by Alan Kurschner, which was released late 2013. I came across Alan Kurschner by way of Joel Richardson’s blog ( Alan Kurschner’s website is called Eschatos Ministries ( and it is devoted to eschatological matters, both doctrinal and practical (i.e. how a Christian should live in light of Christ’s Return). Kurschner’s view of the Rapture is ‘Pre-Wrath’ and he has made freely available a helpful chart that summarizes this position. (


Links to PDFs of the table of contents and table of illustrations can be found at the bottom of this page (

The book’s main purpose is to present a careful, systematic argument in favour of the Pre-Wrath position. In the early chapters it also serves as an introduction to the different schools of eschatology and certain important features of the end times…

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One Response to Book Review

  1. Cheri Fields says:

    I purposefully avoid getting into escatological differences with my ministry, but, I’m glad you liked this. 😀


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