Demonic Influences in the Church!

Check out this video by Andrew Strorm. He exposes the truth about some of the popular movements within the modern church. Everyone who calls themselves a Christian should watch this video. It is only about 1/2 an hour, and well worth watching.

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3 Responses to Demonic Influences in the Church!

  1. I joined in with this for a while, as well. It took months of saturation before I began acting out a lot of this, and at first it was in hopes I would feel it the way everyone else said they did. I had a fit of uncontrollable laughter one night at a home while attending an IHOP event, and the family hosting us seemed concerned. That sobered me rather quickly. The next day I talked with my girlfriend (now wife) on the phone, and when I said to her “I will explain how the Holy Spirit works, what this laughter, tongues, and ‘craziness’ all means,” it suddenly clicked in my head I was on a strange path. It took a few weeks for me to completely come to my senses, especially hanging around with a friend who thinks Kenneth Copeland is the epitome of Christlikeness. I had always struggled with Copeland’s messages. By the time I was back home, I was apologizing and seeking forgiveness from friends for going down that road.
    This video helped reveal why it felt so wrong. Thanks for posting!


  2. Eliza says:

    What a horrific deception poured out upon many, but in actuality it exposes those who are of demonic spirits. Thank you for the warning and thank God for protecting His saints. God bless you:)


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