Are all of you delusional????

Some interesting insights into the delusions we all tend to form of ourselves.

Culture Monk

are you delusional too

By Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday at coffee a group of suburban mothers plopped down at the tables directly next to me (is it considered a ‘gaggle’ if there are more than 8 moms together?)

God bless these women, but for the next two hours they sat and talked about little Susie who is on a volleyball, soccer, and basketball team this fall, teenage Tom whose mom drives him to tennis lessons three days a week, soccer 2 days a week…

On and on they talked about the various things that suburban mothers talk about……UNTIL; it was time for a couple moms to go….When the group dwindled down to 4 moms the conversation took a sharp turn toward teenagers and sexuality, specifically; they talked about the friends of their teenagers and all of the nefarious sexual rumors that were flying around their little circle.

You see, none of…

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