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Right Wing Obamacare Myths DEBUNKED

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:
Man, I hate these stupid, crazy, tea bagging right wingers. So foolish, so uncivilized. They run around screaming like crazed anarchists about how they want to stop Obamacare. Damned idiots don’t realize that…

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Are all of you delusional????

Originally posted on Culture Monk:
By Kenneth Justice ~ Yesterday at coffee a group of suburban mothers plopped down at the tables directly next to me (is it considered a ‘gaggle’ if there are more than 8 moms together?) God…

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Prophetic or Pathetic? Tyler Perry, TD Jakes, Firechargers

More false teachers and the things they do.

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Bombshell: Syria’s “chemical weapons” turn out to be fluoride

Check out this video.

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Bible Study Tool: Point 8

Point eight of the 10-point Bible Study Tool is for the renewing of the mind. In previous lessons, I explained the importance of denying self, of building up the inner man, and of establishing the authority of Christ over our … Continue reading

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