WHAT?! FEMA Camp Test Run?

Just read this article and had to share it. Wake up people. It is coming

I first heard, about a week ago, that the city of Colombia S.C. has now outlawed being homeless. To drive home their point they have opened a “shelter” 15 miles outside of town to “house” any violators of the new law.

Below are links to a couple articles documenting the new law and they also include quotes from city council members as to the details and enforcement procedures of the new law.


Here is where things take a sharp turn towards the dreaded “FEMA Camps” that for several years now have been widely reported to exist.

Below is a quote…

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4 Responses to WHAT?! FEMA Camp Test Run?

  1. manyironsinthefire says:

    i have to say no, things are so much more disorganized than you think. This criminalization of homeless people is really hard on them. It’s really hard to live like that. you be better off living in the woods. come over and see my blog.


    • I agree that things are hard for the homeless, and also agree that sending them to the FEMA camps is not the answer. But the Bible warns that in the last days things are going to get very hard on anyone who does not accept the rule of the Antichrist, even to being killed. It will be much as Hitler’s Nazi Germany was for the Jews and others during WW2. America is already setting up FEMA camps in every state. These are supposedly for emergencies, but will be used by them to incarcerate and kill those who refuse to worship the Antichrist once that time arrives.


      • manyironsinthefire says:

        the bible isn’t modern enough to apply to our society at large. Prophecy for the middle east probably wouldn’t apply to the usa any how. good luck with your delusional thinking.


        • According to end time prophecy, it seems that the Antichrist is probably going to control most or all of the world. If so, that means things must be set up in America for his rule, too. But some believe the Antichrist will come from a Middle Eastern consolidation of Islamic countries, and that America will have little or no part in the final beast empire.


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