Every Christian Needs to Read this Article

10 years ago I knew this time was coming that is warned about in this article. I even address it briefly in my book, The Prewrath Rapture: Answering the Critics. I quote one paragraph of the article, then link to the whole article.

Every believer needs to read this. The persecution is going to increase in America and Europe against Christian very soon, unless God allows America to repent. The professing church is joining the homosexual agenda in large measure. Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah and of Lot, so it shall be in the days the Son of Man returns.


Just as Lot’s family was attacked when the homosexuals forced themselves into his house, so will those believers who stand for righteousness be attacked as the homosexual agenda forces itself more and more on the church. The end of the age in near!

The American church is about to come under spiritual and cultural warfare the likes of which we have never seen and which most are not prepared for.  The attacks will come from every corner of the secular world to challenge, condemn and punish us for our beliefs about homosexuality.  These attacks will split denominations, congregations and even Christian families to a degree and with an intensity that will shock even those who have experienced the first ripples of “gay” conflict in the church over the past few decades.  Large numbers of self-identified Christians will begin embracing so-called “Gay Theology,” and some will actually join the attacks against the remnant who stand firm on the truth.  The pressure to give in to escape the psychological and sometimes physical persecution of the Christian “homophobes” will be so great that I believe a majority of church-goers will succumb, and a great many pastors will choose to “change with the times,” so as not  to lose “their” church.

Continue Reading, please. When your are finished reading this article, click on the picture above for another article I recommend. The second article gives specific examples of how the homosexual agenda has already attacked those who peacefully disagree with them.

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2 Responses to Every Christian Needs to Read this Article

  1. Julie Garro says:

    We’re already under attack. Thanks for posting.


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