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Bible Study Tool: Point 4

Continuing the breakdown of the 10-point Bible Study Tool, we next come to point 4: Application in daily living. How you apply God’s Word to your life is central to true faith. In fact, the last six points are all … Continue reading

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Helpless Love

Originally posted on Morning Story and Dilbert:
Vintage DilbertJuly 29, 2004 Once upon a time all feelings and emotions went to a coastal island for a vacation. According to their nature, each was having a good time. Suddenly, a warning…

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Faith: Understanding the key truths of Hebrews 11

Now faith is a well-grounded assurance of that for which we hope, and a conviction of the reality of things which we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1, Weymouth Translation) In a recent post, I briefly explained that one purpose of … Continue reading

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Bible Study Tool: Point 3

Next, we will look at the third point of the 10-point Bible Study Tool, the building of faith. One thing you will notice as you look at these 10 points is that they intertwine. In other words, each application often … Continue reading

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Bible Study Tool: Point 2. For Understanding

As we continue looking at the Bible Study Tool: 10 Points for More Productive Study, we come to the second thing to look for: does it produce understanding. James said, “If any you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, … Continue reading

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