Google plans to track all your online activity.

Partial reblog from . Read the whole article and sign the petition, and spread the word.

Google plans to railroad those same people into allowing Google to track and store all their activities across all of its services that they use, combining all that data into one massive “file” on you. We cannot stop them from trying to do this, but we can influence them to ask fairly.

Google understands the low level of sophistication of most users of the Internet. What chance do they have against Google’s plans to railroad them into “accepting” this?


This policy starts on March 1, 2012, so this is URGENT. Once started, it cannot be reversed.

Up to now, people don’t really understand how much information they are letting Google have on each service, separately.   They should, but who actually reads those long, complicated agreements before they click “I agree”?

What is new? You will now be allowing Google to assemble all that information across virtually all of its services that you use. That includes tracking what you do and say on such services as…

– Google Search (all your searches and clicks are tracked)

– Google’s Chrome browser (consider all that you do on their browser)

– Mobile phones (have an Android phone or other device?)

– Image Search (all your searches and clicks are tracked)

– News

– Google apps

– YouTube (all your searches and clicks are tracked)

– Docs

– Groups

– AdSense (how much you earn)

– Google+

– Gmail (yes, all the contents of your e-mail, too)

– and on and on and on.

Basically, Google’s policy is that   you can opt-out by not logging in, as explained here .

That is railroading. It takes advantage of “default behavior” and low user comprehension to slide one’s surrender of privacy past us again.

Major media have covered this story…

Daily Mail UK (“Google will know more about you than your partner”)

Washington Post (“Users can’t opt out”)

Many Other Concerns

US Congressmen and the European Commission have concerns. Google has told them, essentially, that “you can’t stop us .”

Maybe we can, all together.

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