Baal Worship is Alive and Well in the World!

Baal worship is alive and well in America and the world – though they do not call it that today. Let me explain.

First we must look back in time, and see how Baal was worshiped. Actually, there were two gods which were essentially worshiped the same way, Baal and Ashtoreth. Molech was another such god. Two practices in particular are mentioned in Scripture.

First was sexual orgies “under every green tree,” where promiscuity and perverted sex acts were the norm.

Second was passing their babies through the fire. This was murdering the babies that resulted from the orgies by throwing them alive into a fire pit to be burned to death. These things were done in the name of the pagan idol-gods Baal, Ashtoreth, and Molech.

How are we doing this today? The gods have been renamed “Sexual Freedom” and “A Woman’s Right to Choose.” The religion is called “Pleasure and Convenience.”

We live in an age of loose moral standards, where it is acceptable and encouraged for us to have sexual partners outside of marriage. Just watch television; There is hardly a show on tv that does not glorify hunting sexual partners, or having such relationships without being married first.

Then when the seed bears fruit, we murder the unborn baby. One method of abortion is a saline/chemical solution injected into the womb which literally burns the baby to death. Another is to go in with a knife and cut the baby up (torture and cutting also being a popular form of satanic worship). Then there is the partial birth abortion, where they crack open the skull of a partially born child and suck out the brains with a vacuum.

The priests are the abortion doctors, and the teachers are our television writers/producers and others who promote this lifestyle. One of the high temples is “Planned Parenthood,” an organization whose sole purpose is make modern Baal worship acceptable to the people.

In ancient times much of Israel was drawn into Baal worship. Their neighboring countries practiced it, so they wanted to practice it too, to get along with their neighbors. God called them out to be separate, but they wanted to be liked by the world

History repeats itself. Many churches today take a soft stance on sin, particularly sexual sin. Divorce/remarriage and sexual immorality of almost every kind is found almost as often in many of our churches as it is in the world. Some even approve of abortions. Like the ancient Jews, they are mixing worship of Christ with worship of Baal.

Jesus told us to come out from among them, be separate, be holy. He taught that if we are really His followers then we will be different from the world. He warned us that the world would hate us, because our righteousness would convict them of their sin.

But the Bible also teaches that in the last days the professing church would become more and more like the world. That we would have a form of religion, a form of godliness, but no real power. Even that we would claim Christianity while actually denying that Christ is the only way of salvation.

Like never before in history, this is happening today. We are joining ourselves to other religions, we are raising up the flag of Baal worship in the name of Tolerance and false love.

God judged Israel by sending Babylon and Assyria against Israel and Judah. These were the first two of seven beast empires which have come (for more on these, read Beyond Fiction, by Donald Rowen). The same thing is soon to come upon the professing church!

In Revelation we read that one of the heads of the beast, one of the kingdoms/kings, will come back as an eighth head. He will first attack Israel at the Abomination of Desolation. But much of Israel will flee into the wilderness and be hidden by God. Scripture says that then he will turn against the rest of her offspring who have the testimony of Jesus. That is the professing church. He will war against the saints of Jesus and overcome them (but we can overcome by the blood of the Lamb, by our word of testimony, and by not loving our lives even to the death.)

This is the fourth seal of Revelation 6. The rider of this horse is death, and Hades follows with him. He has power over ¼ of the earth to kill with sword (symbol of war), with hunger, and with death by the beasts of the earth. The false prophet (the second beast in Rev. 12&13) requires all people to worship the beast Antichrist and take his mark, or else they cannot buy or sell – thus hunger. War against the saints and hunger because they cannot buy food without the mark are done through the two beasts, the beasts of the earth.

For those who refuse the mark, death comes searching. If you were to count all those who profess to be Christians from all denominations, it would be about ¼ of the earth.

Many will give in to the beast and take the mark. Their love will grow cold and they will turn against other Christians, betraying them (Matt 24:8-22, all related to the rise of the Antichrist). A time of fiery testing, of proving our faith, will come on the earth. Just as ancient Israel had to go through the judgment of God, so will the church. Scripture says judgment begins first with the house of God.

Bear in mind, that those who give in to the beast and take his mark will be lost forever. Hades follows with death. Those who choose the mark and physical life choose Hell. Those who choose against the mark choose death – they love not their lives even to the death. This time of testing will last probably between 2 and 3 years.

Jesus is coming back for a bride without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. Fiery testing not only proves who has faith, but also purifies that faith. When the sixth seal is opened, the sun and moon darken in obeisance, and the earth shakes when Christ knocks on the door (Matt 24:29ff). The trumpet will sound, and angels will gather the elect together. The dead in Christ will rise first, then those who are alive who have survived will be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air. (See my book, The Prewrath Rapture: Answering the Critics for full Scriptural evidence.)

In the Parable of the Virgins (Matt 24) there were five wise and five foolish virgins. When Christ gathers the wise virgins, the foolish ones come knocking, seeking entrance into the kingdom. They are denied. Why? Because they are the ones who took the mark, who worshiped the beast so they would not be killed. Once they worshiped the beast and took his mark, they were allowed to keep attending church. They thought they were okay, but their light went out the moment the bowed to the beast.

If you are one of those who worship Baal and Ashtoreth by approving sexual immorality and abortion, do not think you will escape God’s judgment just because you claim to believe in Christ and in God. 2Thess 2 warns that those who hate the truth but have pleasure in unrighteousness, to them God will send a strong delusion that they believe the lies of the Antichrist.

Please note that this judgment is not on those who struggle with bondage to sin, but acknowledge that it is sin. It is not on churches who try to help those trapped by addictions to overcome. This judgment is upon those who whitewash the sin, such as those who call homosexuality acceptable to God, those who wink at sexual immorality – pretending to call it merely “wrong” while they really don’t care. This judgment is upon those who approve of abortion as “a woman’s right to choose” above God’s commandments. It is upon those who love the passing pleasure of sin more than they love God.

So I set before you this question. Will you serve Baal, or will you serve God. You cannot do both!

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27 Responses to Baal Worship is Alive and Well in the World!

  1. The modern worship of Baal, Ashtoreth and Molech needs to stop. Every time I hear a baby cry, I wonder how heartless those abortionists can be. Then I remember it is a spiritual battle. We need to pray for our country and for the lost who are involved in such horrible practices. They have been so blinded. It is very, very sad.


  2. Wayne English says:

    WE do know when JESUS was born to the day. All the detail is in the bible. GOD ordained what feasts are to be celebrated but man said we must celebrate xmas & easter , not GOD. you stance on xmas etc is the same as the pagans who align their ungodly thinking with man & the devil. If you put JESUS first then xmas & easter are not part of your life . JESUS said you lift me up and i will draw men unto me , he does not need the props of xmas etc to do this. IT IS A SIN TO PARTAKE IN THE DEVILS counterfeit practices to nullify HIS glory

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  3. Simon blake says:

    What is your religion?


  4. Erma says:

    So true,but only certain segments are prospering


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  6. Biplove Targain says:

    Message is really challenging. It must be shared among all


  7. Great post!!

    Another interesting note is in kings…why god got incensed at solomon…for building high place to ashtoreth…connected to astarte ( or easter)…then read jeremiah 9:14…but they kept on walking after the stubbornness of their heart and after baal images, about which their fathers had taught them.
    And matthew 15:3 where jesus says “why do you overstep the commandment of god for your tradition?” we are to worship the Father…jesus even said…pray this way…heavenly father hallowed be your name (yahweh/jehovah), let your kingdom (under christ) come….but deliver us from evil in the name of christ jesus we pray, amen.
    Weve all been deceived into worshipping foreign gods and doing rituals to them…look and search and tell others! Jesus didnt tell us to do an easter bunny fertility ritual…but celebrate the passover with him on the night of his death…nisan 14 on the jewish calendar…date changes each year…look and dig…its opened to those asking for knowledge with a pure heart for God…not the traditions our fathers taught us…

    May peace of christ be with you all


    • Erma says:

      Is this the same as attaching Christ on to Christmas and easter onto the Ressurection?


      • Not really the same thing. Baal worship involved sacrificing babies.

        Christmas and Easter were attempts by the Roman Church to replace pagan holidays with Christian ones, while allowing some of the “less offensive” practices of the pagan holidays to be part of it. I don’t have a problem with keeping Christmas or Easter, as long as the focus is on Christ and not on the pagan elements. If we are going to consider Christmas as a Christian holiday, then we should not make a big deal about Santa, and should focus as much on helping others as we do on giving gifts to family, for example. And going into debt is not a Christian virtue, so one should NEVER put themselves into debt over Christmas.

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        • I have a problem with Easter and Christmas as we all should, simply because they’re not Biblical.


          • I take a centrist view on that topic. Basically, my view is that if it bothers your conscience to celebrate those days, then you should not or else you sin. If it does not bother you, and you celebrate in a manner that honors Christ, then you do not sin.

            Admittedly, they should have left celebration of the resurrection on Passover, since that is when it happened. Changing it to Easter certainly was uncalled for – done by an antisemitic church to separate the celebration from its Jewish heritage. (That is the real original reason for the change, not all this nonsense about Ishtar, which is not pronounced anything like Easter in ancient languages of the time this holiday was created.)

            Nobody knows when Christ was born, for certain, though most scholars think sometime in the fall was most likely. The OT verses that are used to try to turn the Christmas tree into ancient pagan worship twist what really is described in those passages. They speak of decorating a tree with gold and silver, true – but for the purpose of calling it their god and worshiping it. And when it talks of things under the tree – it is speaking of holding sexual orgies, not exchanging gifts with loved ones.

            Now the date for Christmas was probably chosen to replace the winter solstice, the midwinter festival, which was a pagan holiday. And undoubtedly some of the customs of that holiday were transferred over. My biggest problem with Christmas is that it has been turned into a holiday that celebrates mammon – worldly goods and wealth. The birth of the Messiah has been relegated to a minor role even within much of the church.

            In conclusion: Is it a sin to celebrate Easter or Christmas? It all depends on whether you focus is on a rabbit and Santa, or on Christ – on His incarnation and His death and resurrection. The OT feasts were set by God as memorials to take time out to specifically remember what God had done for or promised to Israel. Christmas is supposed to remember part of the story of what God did for us – became a man in all ways apart from sin, born as a baby and living life like any human. And while Easter was a poorly conceived idea born of antisemitism, it is still intended for the celebration of His death and resurrection for our sins.


        • Rick R. says:

          Glad you clarified that. It is NEVER wrong to celebrate Jesus. But you are right in that Christmas has become about a fat man in a red suit and Easter about a magical bunny for too many people. Ask any child what Christmas is about. Rarely will a child say it is about Jesus.


  8. Christopher, I am not sure we agree on eschatology, but you are spot on when comparing baal worship to abortion. I truly believe the same demonic spirits are being worshiped in clinics, and the priests at their altars are the butchers who perform the deed.


  9. lizluyben says:

    Great read. Thankyou. God bless.


  10. LaShonne says:

    Lord help us that see be a light.


  11. Rob Barkman says:


    Great posting. I agree with you … the worship false idols is alive and well through the acts of immorality and abortion. May the Lord bless you.


  12. One week from now, I will be in Washington, DC, along with about 250,000 other people from diverse denominations, at the March for Life. We will remind our elected officials and Supreme Court justices that many Americans believe abortion is murder.
    This is no an issue of personal opinion or political ideology: It is an issue of God’s will for humanity and His laws. The church needs to get back to standing firm on the things that matter to the heart of God (including the dignity of human life and the sanctity of biblical marriage). Let us pray that the Body of Christ grabs hold of this vision and changes the hearts and minds of our neighbors — most importantly so that they come to Jesus.


  13. jasondegray says:

    I’m of the same opinion. These “old gods” aren’t dead. They just rebranded themselves. Another false idol modern society pays homage to is Mammon.


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