Book Review: Beyond Fiction

Review of Beyond Fiction: The Book of Revelation Made Simple, by Donald Rowen, 2011, Gazelle Press.


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The book of Revelation is intended to reveal Christ and His second coming, not conceal it. This book does an excellent job of taking us step by step through Revelation, showing just how simple it is to understand the basic concepts of this book.


All too often teachers try to complicate it, twisting and turning it to fit their preconceived end times views. But when we allow the Bible to speak for itself, the basic understanding of events falls together easily. There is no need to explain away the most obvious meanings, or to look for hidden messages in the text. God inspired it, He said what He meant, and meant what He said.


I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding the coming of Christ, and God’s message for the church in the last days.


Also, my own book would make a great companion to Donald Rowen’s. His book makes Revelation and the second coming easy to understand; My book goes into greater depth on many related issues, shows the many problems with the pretrib and posttrib views, and answers several critics of the prewrath view.


Reviewed by Christopher Perdue, author of The Prewrath Rapture: Answering the Critics. This review is entirely my own, offered on my own initiative after purchasing and reading this book.

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2 Responses to Book Review: Beyond Fiction

  1. Chuck Luchesi says:

    My wife and have had the oppotunity to read Beyond Fiction and find that it is an exellent study
    of the end times and God’s word, and warning to his people who are not in step with His Word.

    I would highly recommend this book for those that wish to be enlightened as to what God has in
    store for our future.

    Chuck and Hazel Luchesi


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