Book Review: ‘Til Eternity: Facing the Consequences of the Second Coming

By the signs of the times, Christ’s second coming is near. There are many theories as to how the final events will play out.  In ‘Til Eternity:Facing the Consequences of the Second Coming, Paul Bortolazzo takes you through the Scriptures step by step.

Cover of 'Til Eternity

He carefully explains why every Believer must understand these things.  The entire book of Revelation is addressed to the church, and promises a blessing to those who read it and obey the things written in it.

Scripture tells us of about 70 distinct events related to Christ’s coming.  Written in a devotional style as a series of over 70 short lessons, Paul makes the end of this age easy to understand.  He takes us one by one through all of these events, showing how everything ties together into a cohesive whole.  He takes us from today,  ‘Til Eternity.

Without question, I can say this is one of the most important books available for Christians, today.  I highly recommend that every believer read it, regardless of your view of the end times.  It is that critical to make sure you really understand what you need to know!!!!!!

Scripture says in the last days the church would heap up teachers for themselves who would preach doctrines of demons that tickled our sinful ears.  Paul boldly exposes many of these heresies and the popular preachers that teach them.  He includes links with the hard evidence against these dangerous teachers.

Paul also clearly explains when the rapture takes place in relation to the end of the age. Some believe it is pretribulational, some posttrib, and some within the final seven year Tribulation.  Others hold to a preterist view.  He clearly demonstrates from Scripture that the first appearance of Christ is at the sixth seal (Rev 6; Matt 24), which announces the Day of the Lord wrath (Joel 2:31).  Paul promised that we would not enter that Day because we are not appointed to wrath, but to deliverance (1Thess 5), right after he explained to them the rapture (1Thess 4).  Jesus clearly said that this seal is opened sometime after the Antichrist comes to power, when the great tribulation against the saints of Jesus is cut short (Matt 24:15-31; Rev 12:17 – 13:18; Rev 14:9-12).

You can order this book from as either a paperback or an ebook. You can also order it from his website, and read a sample chapter, at

NOTE: I was not asked to do this review, nor did I receive any compensation for it. My opinions are my own.

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