Christ Destroys the Wisdom of Man

1Corinthians 1:19 says God will baffle and render useless and destroy the learning and the philosophy and the naural cleverness of man (AMP).

Man himself, through all his efforts, proves that none of these systems work. The only thing that works is Jesus Christ crucified. The only thing that has the power to bring peace, true joy, and genuine life fulfillment is faith in and obedience to Christ. I can personally attest to that. For many years I sought comfort and peace through giving in to a degree to the lusts of the flesh, but there was no fulfillment. Even as a Christian I allowed the philosophy of the flesh to rule for many years, and had no true joy. I remained under bondage to sin even as a believer, until, through the loving discipline of the Father, harsh though it became, I finally decided firmly that I would obey God rather than the philosophy of my flesh nature. With prayers from an annointed man of God, my pastor, for deliverance from this bondage, and through the power of Christ crucified for my sins, I finally began to find victory in Christ, the freedom to obey God’s will for my life. He gave me the power through His whed blood on the cross to find peace, joy, and fulfillment that the fleshly nature could never give despite all its clever promises. While I must continue this walk daily, and sometimes mess up, I have the victory in Christ to Just Say No To Flesh.

1Corinthians 1:17 That is why Paul set out to preach and know only Christ crucified rather than give great, eloquently phrased philisophical reasoning which would rob the Gospel of its true power. That is the problem with a very large proportion of the modern church today, particularly in free countries such as America. Instead of preaching the Gospel they are too busy with activities that do not spiritually edify, and with towing the line to the liberal political agenda. The local church is often times no longer a place to strengthen each other in the faith and to get teaching of how to live unto God; It is, rather, a socal gathering, a place to make business contacts, and a place to get our ears tickled about how wonderful we are. There are churches that are like malls, with food courts, shops, etc. The church is supposed to go forth in the power of the Blood of Jesus. Instead, many of them blatantly declare that the preaching of the cross is foolishness, and sin does not carry the penalty of death with God. In such a church I would never have found the way to the freedom I so desperately needed.

There is a progression to the destruction of the church. They start by preaching fluff alongside the truth, introducing philisophical ideas into the ministry. As time goes on, attitudes about sin begin to soften (not that we should condemn a person who has sin, but that we should clearly proclaim that sin is exactly that – sin – without making excuses). Next thing you know, the people no longer tolerate much truth – and there is no such thing as a half-truth in the Kingdom of God; It is either the truth or a lie. On the end of this path Jesus is no longer the Truth, but only a good teacher of moral principles, and His death, if acknowledged at all, is just an unfortunate even ending His life. 1Timothy 4:1-2 warns us that this would characterize many churches in the last days, and we find that the prophecy, as with all Biblical prophecy, is true. Like Paul, I vow to preach only Jesus Christ, and Him cruficied and resurrected, as Scripture proclaims.


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