Fellowship with Jesus

Focus point: 1Corintians 1:9 God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

God is faithful. He can be trusted and is reliable.  He is someone worth knowing, and wants to share in every part of our lives.  What a bold statement!  How many people do you know with whom you can share everything that is going on in your life and in your mind?  I know there are things in my natural mind which I certainly do not want others to know, and most people likewise have their own skeletons.  But God is faithful.  He already knows all the garbage in  us, all the secret things we cannot even consciously admit to ourselves, and still He loves us.  Moreover, while we were still sinners, still lost and without hope, Christ died for us.  The perfect Lamb of God wants to fellowship with us!!!

Perspective: My former employer likes to say you are identified with those whom you associate.  If you willingly spend time with alcoholics, drug addict, sinner, it says something about you (in a negative way).  He would apply this “wisdom,” by telling me I should prefer to be around people who are something in this world, those who have money, status, and worldy wisdom, those whom the world considers worthwhile.  He said I should shun those who are weak or messed up (by his definition), which meant most of my family and friends.  I mean he came right out and said that.

But I look at his life, and I do not want it.  He has the money, lots of it.  He has the means to have the best life has to offer, is a bit of a playboy, can hang with the rich folk.  But he is one of the unhappiest people I know.  I see him, lost in love with his god, money, and feel only sorrow and pity for him.

I would rather associate with Jesus, and in Matthew 25:31-46 He tells me one way I can do that.  He says, “Help those who are hungry and poor, be friends to those whom the world shuns in its self-righteousness. Let them know my love through you, for then you are fellowshipping with Me,” (my paraphrase).  He wants to associate with you, with even me who in the nature would be among the worst of sinners.  When Jesus walked the earth He chose to spend time among the sinners, the cheating tax collectors and the drunks.  He wanted them to find life in Him.  He tried to bring life to the religious leaders, but they weren’t interested.

Called into the fellowship of His Son. Wow!  The Greek word translated fellowship indicates a close association with an emphasis on what they share in common.  It also conveys the idea of communicating and sharing with or giving to each other.

Jesus, who is fully God, became like us.  He experienced humanity – even the pain, the disappointments.  He chose to enter humanity, to live with us, experience the things we experience as humans, apart from sin.  Even in that, our sin in a very real way was placed on Him while He was on the cross.  He who had never sinned became sin for us that we might have access to and fellowship with God (Eph 3:9-12; Heb 4:16; 10:10).

What’s more, He made it possible for us to become like Him. Through our faith we are born again spiritually. 2Peter 1:4 declares believers partake of His divine nature.  Our spirit is born anew in the likeness of Him.  We are not merely adopted into the family, but are spiritually birthed into it, a new creation (2Cor 5:17).  The passages that talk about adoption have nothing to do with salvation itself, but concern our maturity and inheritance in Christ.

Thus He made it possible for us to have true fellowship with Him.  There is more to fellowship than expressing our love to others, too.  Praise and worship is an integral part of communing with God. Prayer is more than you talking to Him, but also you listening with spiritual ears for Him to talk with you.  Sometimes our prayer life consists of throwing up a quick prayer at meals or bedtime, but that is not really fellowship.

Communion with God, at its best, is including Him in your everyday walk.  When you go to work, you ask Him to help and guide you.  When you play, He is invited to be present.

Fellowship is also expressed in obedience to Him as our Lord, showing Him we are His friends (John 15:13-15).  When we willingly choose to crucify the old sin nature out of a desire to honor Him, we must go to Him to help us, for apart from Him we can do nothing.

And, sometimes, it is just about beking content in Him and resting in Him, as this poem illustrates:

Grammar Uncomplicated

Black cat

tucked into the comma-shaped hollow

of my warm safe tummy she

purrs in a whisper rattle

a hymn of contentment


I want to be

like this with Daddy God

losing myself in the

embracing punctuation of his immense form


to fling from me the sentences

and the quotations and the questions


to fall into His grammar uncomplicated

to whisper a simple prayer

minus the alphabet


(c) 2007 DMS  (Used by permission)

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