I Get To …

Wednesday our pastor taught on our attitude or mindset as Believers. Just a quick nugget, with an instruction for you to think upon it, meditate on this truth, that it might create an excitement in you to serve God:

Many look at the Christian faith as things we have to do, or have to stop doing. “If I expect God to bless me, then I have to stop (specific sin). Now I have to start giving money to the church, I have to go to church. …” You can put anything here that you view as something you have to do as a Christian.

That is totally the wrong way to look at it. If you have really believed upon Christ for salvation, your attitude should be, “Wow, God chose me. I get to worship Him in Spirit and truth. I get to serve Him and honor Him. He has given me the opportunity and the power to become like Him.”

When you look at it as a great opportunity God is giving to you, then you will have a growing desire to please Him. You will WANT TO do the things He asks. It won’t be viewed as a heavy burden.

Selah (Stop and think about this).

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The Rainbow Flag

Someone commented on a Facebook post related to the rainbow flag: “People offended by Gay Rights deserve to be offended, they are the kinds of Pharisees Jesus spoke against.”

Here was my reply:

What you fail to understand is that this is NOT about the right
to marry for tax purposes and other civil matters related to marriage. Some think it is about this, but it is not. If they were happy with just a civil union for tax and legal purposes, while I would still call it sin I would not be so strongly against it. They will not settle for that. They want marriage for their agenda.

This is merely a stepping stone in the gay agenda. The next step is to force churches to marry gays even when it is against our beliefs. Just saw a news article. The ink has hardly dried on the paper of the ruling, and some gays have already filed suit. And in states that already had gay marriage, there have been several such suits.

In conjunction with that, they will seek to muzzle Bible-believing Christians so that we cannot preach or teach against homosexuality. Some countries that are further along in the gay agenda have already put such laws on the books.

It is about infiltrating the church by force, those who would not be infiltrated by stealth such as those that now approve of homosexuality.

This is pictured in the story of Lot. Jesus said it will be like the days of Lot when He returns. What happened is that some angels came to Sodom to visit Lot. The town folk saw these handsome guys (as they thought them to be), and went over to Lot’s to try to get them to join with them in their homosexual orgies. Lot tried to dissuade them. They were having none of it, and tried to force their way into Lot’s home. Even when the angels struck them blind they kept coming. So the angels delivered Lot and his family from Sodom, and rained fire on Sodom that same day.

This is something of a prophetic picture. We know this, because Jesus told us that in a prophetic passage of His coming. Thus, the homosexuals forcing their way into the church is a major sign of the nearness of the coming of Christ.
But we are still called to spiritual battle, and we are still called to take a stand against the sin (along with all other sin).

The rainbow was a sign of remembrance of God’s wrath when He destroyed the earth because of sin. Among those sins are included pursuing strange flesh (homosexuality, beastiality, perhaps relations with fallen angels). It was also a sign of his promise not to destroy the earth with water again.

When the homosexual agenda took the rainbow as their symbol, they did it to mock God. They were slapping God in the face. God is offended, and will bring wrath in His time, if they do not repent. He will bring judgment on America in His time because much of America has approved of their agenda.

So, yes, I admit … I also AM OFFENDED at the rainbow flag. Any true believer should be.

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The Supreme Court Decided, Now So Must We

Originally posted on The Recovering Legalist:

Folks, let’s be honest and get right to the point: all Hell is about to break loose upon the Christian church, its leadership, and anyone who dares hold on to the biblical definition of marriage. Make no mistake, demonic forces are gleefully frothing at the mouth, along with those they are influencing, at the buffet of litigious opportunity that has now been afforded them.

At this point you’ve no doubt hear the news: the Supreme Court has redefined marriage to be whatever makes a person happy, therefore making it a constitutionally protected right.

Because of today’s ruling, we will be seeing attacks on the Church and Christians from every conceivable angle. They will use today’s decision as the basis for ending tax-exemption, closing churches, and imprisoning ministers. The rainbowed sky is the limit.

Supporters of the new law will threaten and intimidate Christians in the workplace; deny benefits and contracts…

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The Narrow Door

Originally posted on The Life Project:


“Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.”

Luke 13:24

Most everyone knows this passage (Luke 13:22-30) in which Jesus uses the metaphor of the narrow door to describe entry into His Kingdom which is not of this world.  Once the owner closes the door, no one else is admitted, no matter how much they thought they were worthy of admittance.

The clear message is that we need to do something to be admitted, and you can see this in verse 30:

“Indeed there are those who are last who will be first, and first who will be last.”

If we live our lives with an attitude of selfishly holding on to our life, our own interests and our own advancement in this world, we might well be first in this life, but where will…

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Are You a Child of God? A Peacemaker?

As we have seen, the Beatitudes demonstrate a progression in our walk with Christ. The rewards for pursuing the Kingdom of God being manifest in us include an inheritance both in God’s heavenly Kingdom and on the new earth, being filled with His righteousness, receiving His mercy, seeing God and more. Next, we come to:

Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemaker, for they shall be called sons of God.”

When Christ came and died for our sins, He made a way of peace between us and God. Because of sin, unbelievers remain under the wrath of God. However, those who choose to trust in Christ have forgiveness of their sins. Jesus came and died a horrible death on the cross to satisfy the wrath of God, to bring peace between God and men. He let men cruficy Him, that some might be saved through Him.

As the Son of God, Jesus was a peacemaker. We must look at how He lived His life in the gospels to understand what this means.

Jesus never compromised on God’s Truth. At all times He stood for righteousness, meekness, and so forth. He lived the Beatitudes as He walked among us as one of us. He confronted the sinful hearts and actions of the scribes (lawyers) and Pharisees, the religious leaders in Israel. He threw the moneychangers out of the Temple. He called the religious leaders a bunch of hypocrites who put on the appearance of religion but are rotten to the core.

On the other hand, He showed mercy to those who knew they had sin in their lives. He upheld God’s law and exhorted them to repent, to stop the sin. He even warned them of the danger of hell if they did not repent. Whether confronting and rebuking the self-righteous or talking with the sinner, His motive was always to bring them to a right relationship with God, to bring them to have peace with the Lord.

Some Christians think being a peacemaker means being non-confrontational, or being a doormat. They take Paul’s word in Romans 12:18, to live peaceably with all men as much as it depends on us, in a way that Paul did not intend.

We are still to warn mankind to repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand. We still must warn of the reality of hell, and tell the glorious love of God that He made a way for us through faith in Christ.

In recent news, we have heard of a group who deliberately seeks to insult Muslims by drawing pictures of the prophet Mohammed. It is THIS kind of thing that Paul was addressing when he told us to live at peace with others.

Now we know that Mohammed is a false prophet, and Islam is a false religion – and we stand firm in this truth. Some have chosen to teach that Muslims worship the same God we do, which is a doctrine of demons, a lie from the pit of hell. If you follow a pastor or teacher who teaches this, you should confront and correct them, or run away as fast as you can. We must stand firm in the truth that nobody comes to the Father except they go through Christ Jesus (John 14:6). Period.

But we should not deliberately seek to insult and offend Muslims by drawing their false prophet. We may have the freedom of speech to do so here in America, but Christians should NOT exercise our free speech in this manner. This does not edify, nor does it express God’s love for even the Muslim. It will never move them to reject their false religion and choose Christ.

The offense of the cross is the only offense we should present to the world. When I read in Acts how Paul went into the cities to preach the Gospel, I don’t see where he ever ridiculed someone else’s belief. For example, when he went to Athens (Acts 17) he noted that they were very religious – even to having a statue to the unknown God. He then preached to them this God that they did not know, told them that He is really the only God. But He did not ridicule their false gods and beliefs, merely told them they were wrong. Through his gracious approach to the matter, he drew some to the faith and also gained permission to keep preaching the Gospel in that city.

In another city (Acts 19), one with many involved in occult and witchcraft, people began repenting then burnt their books and scrolls on magic. They also preached the Gospel, and many turned away from the evils of the occult. This upset and offended those who continued to practice it. They got the city council to kick Paul out of the city for this. But note that Paul did not go and ridicule their practices – he told them to repent. When some repented, they collected the books of witchcraft and burned them, to keep them out of the hands of others and as an act of their repentance. Their motive was not to offend the witches, but to rid their city of as much evil as they could. They burned them publicly as evidence of their faith, and to declare the Truth of God to the rest of the people.

So, as you can see, being a peacemaker does not mean we don’t openly stand for the truth. It does not mean we never confront people with the truth. It does mean, however, that our motive is always to lead them to the love of God in Christ. Our goal should be to bring them to repentance.

If we do this, then we are acting like Jesus. Then God will call us His sons, His children.

Sometimes we like to throw that phrase around, “I am a child of God.” But who does God call His child? The one who is learning to become the kind of person described in the Beatitudes. It is not the arrogant, but the humble. It is not the judgmental and hateful, but the merciful. It is not the deliberately offensive, but the peacemaker who shall be called a son of God.

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